Artistic approach

The groupe FLUO explores in a dialogue of dance and visual arts. Multidisciplinary and undisciplined, the company borrows from choreography, circus arts and plastic arts some «  materials  » manipulated in an principe of “action sculpture*”.
It is an exploration of the body-object-space relationship by creating a static representation with loaded organic vibrations of movement. The relationship of risk, fall, balance, exhaustion with the body are dominant themes within the writing process. In this approach, the Groupe FLUO seeks to divert the real into physical representations or graphic scenes of our emotions.

Convinced that art today is strengthened by its residence in the crossings or the interconnections, Groupe FLUO explores these synergies or underbellies of art through a variety of means and methods. These performances and installations of the Groupe FLUO navigate various representation spaces (scenes, public space, exhibition space …) and forms of representations (show, performance, photographic series, edition …).

Founded in 2013, Groupe FLUO’s creations are made in France and in Europe.

The Action sculpture*

After finishing my training in the Toulouse circus art school Le LIDO as juggler, I remained fascinated with the “object”. The object and its ultimate surrounding choreographic movement is therefore the center of my practice and my artistic research. My affinity for the visual and plastic arts, such as photography, sculpture, and installation, has lead me from the virtuosity of circus to an another more abstract representation of the human condition. During this time, I discovered the sculptor Charles Ray,« Consider the sculpture like an act and not like an object”.
This sentence, so simple yet so pure, led forth a new way to mix and assemble all my practice in a process called « Action sculpture ».
This process begins by sketching sculptures of choreographic combinations between the body and the chosen object.
The object, whether industrial or natural, becomes a modular element as it is staged as a partner or equal player next to the dancer.
The drop, balance, instability, the act, have all become the building architectures or the basic notions of my choreographed sculptures.
The body and the object are equivalent in ratio and importance. One is a partner of the other. Between contemplation and tension, the choreographed images are fixed in time and in a suspension with the constant pressure of gravity, leading to the fall.
The choreography then surrounds these sculptural images.
The idea of ​​”Action sculpture” takes shape in the combination of a visual force that interacts with an organic force. The correlation of these two sensory dimensions creates a felt vibration throughout the performance’s dramaturgy .
Behind these concepts, the aim remains to distort reality, as each choreographed image is a nostalgic reference to each viewer’s own existence and ever-shifting balance. The concept, therefore, appears to disappear, leaving behind only an emotional residue.

Benoit Canteteau – September 2016