T.R.E.S.E.D (pronounced “trace yields”)

A choreography of a dancer and a board vertically.
Focusing on the point of balance before the fall, this performance is a walk into imbalance, questioning one’s own verticality.
The project is composed of two creation, one choreographic piece and one photographic series.

« Indication of this sudden reversibility, the palindrome TRESED can then substitute the name of D.E.S.E.R.T. Here is the phonetic palindrome: TRAIT CEDE (TRACE YIELDS in English). This trace is the horizon of the desert that fades and yields to the screen of the virtual desert. »

Paul Virilio, The dusk of places, Paris March 2000


Sculptural and choreographic performance

A vertical board stands as a double. In this “face to face”, the rule is simple: it must stand and resist the fall.
Between contemplation and confrontation, TRESED, a palindrome of DESERT,
is a monochrome of light and shadow where the body explores the dropping point, questioning one’s own gravity. A sculptural choreography is created through the oscillating fragile balance of strength, lightness, grace and tension.
An innocent game with gravity, a roulette in the architecture of our existence.
In this game of body versus body, abstract and poetic images are built. Composed by choreographic and acrobatic movement, these sculptural pictures build and break gently, slowly, undulating between force and speed. The rhythm of the dance quickens turning into a circular and unbridled race where both entities, man and object, seek their own autonomy.
The emptiness shrouds the atmosphere, revealing only the invisible yet omnipresent gravity. The object, the board itself becomes a symbolic reflection of both a distant self-representation as well as the formalization of its own “Life balance”. The stage direction is guided by the constant physicality of the choreography, as “balance” is a movement in suspension. Temporarily stopped, it is a state of strength, power or grace before the imbalance or fall.
This piece is an abstract journey into the architecture of our existence, using our imagined balance as a starting point, acknowledging the cohabitation of where we are and what we plant to be.


Author/performer : Benoit Cantetau
Sound design : Céline Challet

Exterior regard : Sara Imloul


This project is supported by Agence départementale Dordogne Périgord (Dispositif Onde(s) de choc), Les Fabriques Laboratoire Artistique / APO33-Nantes, Ville de Nantes (Festival SPOT/Bourse CLAP) , Ville de Bouaye, DCCS44, The Sept Cent Quatre Vingt Trois in Nantes (fr), Espace François Mitterand in Périgueux (fr).

Length : 20 minutes
Released in march 2014
and rewritten in summer 2017

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