hom & homi – collective construction

hom & homi are two forms of workshops whose take part between the Groupe FLUO and a group of amateur. The proposition is to collectively revisit the construction of the sculpture of  h o m ‘s performance with on concern “how we build together? and which organisation we decide for that?”

hom & homi

During one single worshop or several rehearsal sessions, the group will collectively invents the construction of the sculpture of the performance h o m (or a half-size model designed specially for workshops).
The participants will work with objects, to compose from daily gestures related to sculpture such as carrying, moving, accompanying, supporting … to become aware and play with their place in relation to the other, to space, to mobile. To draw graphic and choreographic compositions between the body, the object and the space.
Through this kind of giant board game appear the complexity and essential principe of doing and building with others.

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