h o m
(the heart of the matter)

Choreographic performance composed for two performer and one constructed sculpture.
h o m, initials of heart of the matter,
h o m for homophony with Om or Aum which from a Hindu point of view symbolizes the vibration of all existence.

h o m (the heart of the matter)

In h o m, it is the body at work, a very particular work because the dancer, during the performance, has the task of building a mobile, a sculpture that will finally reach 8m wingspan and 2m20 high.
He is accompanied, helped, prevented by the comments and the music of a musician / actress present on the set. The dialogue that develops between them is also that of internal vacillation in action, between desire for control of matter and acceptance of the instability of things.

At the beginning of the performance, the floor is littered with wood and metal elements. The assembly of these pieces into a mobile requires physical strength but also extreme attention and delicacy. This mobile oscillates at the slightest touch and can collapse at any time.
To get them up, the dancer works by manipulating the elements of the mobile and with them vibrates, adjusts, oscillates, builds and deconstructs. He himself becomes an object in gravitation and moves playing with his own physical limits.

h o m brings into play the duality between power and helplessness in the course of things.


Conception  : Benoit Canteteau
Interpretation  : Benoit Canteteau
Sound design /  Live musique/ Voice : Céline Challet
External view on the choreography: Anne Reymann
Sculpture: Benoit Canteteau
Council to the conception and construction of the sculpture  : Bertrand Malbaux
External view: on going


h o m   a production of Groupe FLUO
co-production with la Paperie, Centre National des Arts de la Rue et de l’Espace Public/Angers

with the support of :
Ville de Saint-Hilaire-de-Riez (85), L’Echangeur CDCN Hauts-de-France, Les Eclats, pôle artistique pour la danse contemporaine en Nouvelle-Aquitaine, Le Pont Supérieur / Nantes, Grand Atelier/Maison de Quartier Madeleine Champ de Mars / Nantes ,Skriduklaustur/ Islande, CNDC Angers.

Ville de Nantes
Conseil Départemental Loire-Atlantique

Work in progress
Creation for 2019

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